No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

Brand Identity

Wradar is a vibrant new business growth consultancy that works with marketing businesses to help them define strategy and win more customers. We were asked to capture their energy and forward-thinking by creating a new identity that positioned them as cutting-edge knowledge leaders.

Rather than relying on a logo, the look and feel was created using strong typographical treatments and a black only illustration style inspired by leading tech magazines like Wired. We got permission to use a highly distinctive geometric typeface called Liaison, which was designed by Craig Oldham. We used the typeface creatively, building graphic and unusual typographical blocks, which we applied to covers and key pages. We also used the typeface’s strong industrial diagonals to inform a series of simple illustrated icons. We supported these elements with three simple key G F Smith colorplan colours and a secondary monospace typeface that was clear, modern and readable.

  • Black
  • Emboss
  • Formats
  • Graphs
  • Illustration
  • Impact
  • Folder
  • Bold
  • Paper
  • Solid
  • Print
  • Red
  • Shapes
  • Typography
  • Structure
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