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We’re B&W – a design and communications practice based in Leeds.
Formed in 2005 by award-winning creative directors Lee Bradley (B)
and Steven Wills (W), we’ve become well known for our ability to combine
big ideas with meticulous attention to detail – what you might call
‘craft’. Our craft is really important to us. We’ve made it work by staying
deliberately small, so we can give each project the attention it deserves.
We take the time to understand your challenges in detail, and develop
the most compelling and relevant solutions.

The ‘&’ in our name is important, too. It stands for our belief in partnership,
collaboration, and making connections – between people and ideas,
brands and audiences, design and business.

We may be small, but we have big ideas and ambitions: like producing
the most engaging, beautifully crafted, and effective work in the world.
Yes, world. If you have similar ambitions for your brand, we’d love to
hear from you. Drop us an email, or give us a call.

Phone +44 0 113 245 4200
Follow us on Twitter: @bandwstudio

PS: We hope you enjoy this temporary bit of fun until the serious
website arrives later in the year. Thanks.

Castleton Mill
Castleton Close
Leeds LS12 2DS
United Kingdom
Design Week 10th most creative