No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

Leeds University Union

Being tasked with creating signage for Leeds University Union was a great chance to show what good design is all about - communication. Because as well as looking good, the primary purpose of this work is to help people find their way around this rabbit warren of a building.

We did that by devising a simple, standardized system with a consistent, geometric style. Now, you can quickly identify directional arrows (green) from goal signs (yellow). You can use simple shapes to find facilities, e.g. stars for venues, pentagons for food & drink. You can even make sense of the previously head-scratching lift system, by simply following the big bold triangles that point up or down.

All in all we created around 100 signs, all in the core brand colours. Carefully positioned and designed with legibility in mind, they’re accessible to all. We think they look great but, more importantly, they point students, staff and visitors in the right direction.

  • Big
  • 3D
  • Circle
  • Brand
  • Clean
  • Graphic
  • Friendly
  • Impact
  • Bold
  • Function
  • Materials
  • Solid
  • Places
  • Shapes
  • Signage
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