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British Council
Take Over Exhibition

Time and time again, the British Council come to us for exhibition designs. For the Take Over Project, the British Council worked in partnership with performing arts venues from Greece, Serbia, Italy and Poland, ultimately aiming to encourage more young people to engage with the arts. The exhibition was the culmination of a 32 month long project, so creating a visual narrative to communicate the journey and the collaborations was essential.

Our concept reinforced the project’s name, re-imagining ‘Take Over’ as a fleeting, temporary event that reflects the busy, ever-changing lives of the young audiences it wanted to connect with. The concept’s low-fi feel also helped us to combat issues around the quality of photography, which we skilfully incorporated into our designs.

Stencilling, sticky tape, layering, creased and ill-fitting posters. Chipboard panels and scaffolding on castors. Every element supported the temporary nature of the project and created attention-grabbing drama within our concept. The client wanted the voice of youth to be heard, and our final design almost invited people to scribble their thoughts and comments directly onto the exhibition itself.

  • Colour
  • Busy
  • Brash
  • Facts
  • Images
  • Impact
  • Montage
  • Spaced
  • Rough
  • Places
  • Print
  • Poster
  • Winners
  • Sketch
  • Culture
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