No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

Science and Media Museum
Supersenses and Wonderlab

The Science+ Media Museum is now part of the nation wide Science Museum Group. Supersenses was their first primary exhibition after their big rebrand, and they asked us to promote it. We’ve worked on the museum’s campaigns for 4 years, but it was exciting to get involved with new brand guidance from their London branding agency.

We brought Supersenses to life by following two threads. Firstly, we focused on ‘super’ - translating it to be big and intense. The we took the sentiment of exploring senses quite literally. So we photographed larger than life close-ups of people, and added figures exploring them to create a clear, memorable campaign identity. The sense of a super scale was reinforced on poster executions, particularly the large banner at the museum that could be seen for miles across the city.

Wonderlab turns what you think you know upside down. It’s an experience in light and sound that challenges you to explore the extraordinary and to see the world like a scientist.

We were invited to produce promotional designs that could manifest this immersive experience. The graphical look we developed was heavily retouched and intensified to reflect the mind-bending experience visitors will come across. Vivid, intriguing, almost providing a sensory overload, the posters visually reflect the exhibition strapline: Ignite your Curiosity.

  • Bright
  • Campaign
  • People
  • Full bleed
  • Headline
  • Bold
  • Outdoor
  • Pictures
  • Power
  • Print
  • Poster
  • Retouched
  • Scale
  • Space
  • Structure
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