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Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

Tom Coleman
Skillet & Snipe

Tom Coleman is a pro chef who’s worked at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the UK. He wanted to make a name for himself with a new, high-end home dining company that brought restaurant quality food to people’s homes. He asked us to develop a name and identity that captured his craft skills and the unique Yorkshire flavour of his ingredients. 

We developed the name Skillet & Snipe based on kitchen tools and the fresh, local game that he uses to prepare his dishes. We then created a simple, graphic ‘cut’ device that works with the logo and a unique mono font. An early hours trip to the market helped us get the freshest possible ingredients, which allowed Matthew Seed to craft a range of beautifully crafted food images. These subtly textured food shots contrasted with our bright slashes of colour to create a range of distinctive materials including tablemats, menu holders and mailers.

  • Colour
  • Beautiful
  • Cut
  • Detail
  • Clean
  • Food
  • Formats
  • Concise
  • Paper
  • Pictures
  • Print
  • Shoot
  • Space
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