No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

British Heart Foundation
Research Lab

Opportunities to present yourself at the Scottish Parliament don’t come along very often. So when the BHF won a slot in its reception, they asked us to create a memorable, intriguing, interactive environment that engaged MPs and communicated the power of their research.

We created a visually unmissable, mini Pop-up Research Lab. Based around scientific charts inspired by the periodic table, it told the story behind the BHF’s research, with a range of hands-on elements. Researchers’ achievements were showcased in interactive booklets, each including a laser-etched microscope slide that could only be read through a microscope. We also built a giant wooden microscope housing an interactive iPad. To help the exhibition travel between party conferences and events, we designed it around 8 flexible cubes, which all worked independently of each other.

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