No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

Leeds University Union
Personality Brands

Leeds University Union briefed us to design 5 distinctly different venues within the Union building. These brands, ranging from takeout food to theatres, sit independently in the space alongside names like Santander and Wok & Go. Each identity had to reflect its own personality, yet still feel part of the LUU. To ensure consistency, we used geometric shapes, the brand’s secondary colour palette and font. But we still had ways to make each stand out.

Even the name Salad Box is representative of its simple, natural and straightforward brand. As you’d expect, they offer healthy salads and wraps - with everything sold in a box. We kept the core branding simple and stripped back (just like healthy food is). But we added a playful illustration style to add warmth and personality. The final touch was displaying elements on corrugated card, reminiscent of the ‘box’ they’re known for.

Common Ground is a place to get together. So the logo we created was inspired by a birds’ eye view of a table and chairs. For impact,we even added a 3D table and letters to the wall! Function is a versatile space, used by small group rehearsals as well as being a space for bands preparing to gig at Stylus next door. Our designs had a nod to Warhol, and brought energy, vitality and intrigue to a utilitarian space.

The two theatre venues we designed had very different characters. Pyramid Theatre & Bar is a mixed use space. The bar is a coffee spot by day and a bar by night, while performance range from stand-ups to short films. This dramatic diversity was reflected in the modern, gritty style we created, with torn film posters and our own minimalist designs. The Riley Smith Theatre is a more traditional affair. So the logo and styling echoed this large, formal theatre feel. The symbol we created incorporated the R and S graphically, and could be used as a repeat pattern. For longevity, we gave the client poster templates which could be used internally for new production promotions.

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