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British Heart Foundation
Operation BHF

Based on the classic ‘Operation’, in our version MPs followed the instructions on the cards to carry out operations - putting things in rather than taking them out. It may have been fun, but it delivered a serious underlying message. It communicated the ‘operations’ of the BHF, including research details and financial information from the charity.

 All of the illustration was produced in-house, while we challenged suppliers to create the game itself - complete with buzzes and sensors! The medical style case made it robust and easily portable, ideal for a charity to get maximum use from.

  • Blood
  • 3D
  • Choose
  • Life
  • Educate
  • Exhibition
  • Flesh
  • People
  • Illustration
  • Nuts
  • Function
  • Death
  • Performance
  • Play
  • Tested
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