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West Yorkshire Police
Legal Highs

Legal Highs have similar effects to drugs like cocaine or ecstasy. It’s illegal to sell them for human consumption, but sellers get around this by claiming that they’re research chemicals, plant food or bath crystals. Very little is known about their long-term effects and more and more people are being hospitalised or even killed after taking them. So the West Yorkshire Police decided to take a lead on the issue. 

Our campaign highlighted the risks that users face when they take Legal Highs, using a series of bold, gambling-inspired images and an urgent black and yellow colour palette to spotlight the dangers posed by these untested substances. The campaign helped broadcast the message across West Yorkshire on adshells, bus sides, beer mats and through promotional activity in schools and colleges.

  • Black
  • Direct mail
  • Campaign
  • Folded
  • Inform
  • Pounds
  • Illustration
  • Impact
  • Yellow
  • Outdoor
  • Numbers
  • Print
  • Poster
  • Winners
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