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British Heart Foundation
Heart Resources

For the parents and families of the thousands of babies born with a heart condition each year, information is invaluable. BHF is one of the biggest providers of heart information in the UK. They approached us to redesign their series of 18 leaflets, ‘Understanding your child’s heart’, explaining heart conditions to children (and parents).

We wanted to communicate complex and potentially scary information in a suitable way. So we cut the content, simplified the style, and created a tone that was easy to understand without patronising children. The illustrations are child-friendly without being childish. They show how hearts work and each differs slightly to focus on a specific condition. Text is large, so it appears open and friendly. The design style and tone of voice strike a careful balance of being straightforward, informative and approachable. 

What do you know about Angina? In Wales, knowledge was limited. Yet the condition presents a large problem to the nation’s health. The educational booklet we produced got people thinking about Angina and taking it seriously. We chose strong, uppercase type, and layered it with aggressively styled illustrations and bold, blocky colours. The message was clear. Angina is dangerous - and this booklet is your warning.

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