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British Heart Foundation
Health At Work

Many people live very unhealthy working lives. They don’t do any exercise, feel stressed, eat fatty snack foods and go for cigarette breaks. To help remedy the situation, the BHF developed their ‘Health & Wellbeing Days’. These branded takeovers transformed workspaces, creating an awayday environment for attendees, without them having to leave the building. A team of experts educated staff across 4 highly interactive zones focusing on stress, diet, fitness and bad habits.

We created everything facilitators needed to promote and run the events, building a flexible identity around four characters called ‘The Health Champions’. Illustrated by Nic Burrows of the NousVous Collective in London, the characters gave a human face to the zones and were used across direct mail, emails, leaflets, 3D life-sized characters, stickers, strut cards and web ads.

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