No. 8 The Square
Farnley Business Park
Farnley, Leeds
LS21 2QF

National Railway Museum
Future Engineers

Future Engineers was an interactive family experience at York’s National Railway Museum. It gave children a chance to explore challenge zones, collect fascinating facts and use their innovative ideas to discover how they could shape the railways of tomorrow.

We used intersecting lines representing the rail network to join up letterforms, creating a minimal/futuristic typographic treatment. We also established a strong, simple 2-colour pallete of red and yellow across all their communications, ranging from printed material to 3D interactive zone structures at the exhibition itself.

  • Brand
  • Develop
  • Campaign
  • Grids
  • Formats
  • Leaflet
  • Yellow
  • Onwards
  • Function
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Poster
  • Energy
  • Typography
  • Structure
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