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Employee Training

Republic was growing rapidly and needed to improve the resources it had to train and manage its staff. We worked with their Training Manager to create a user-friendly document that would help people understand the company’s ethos and work their way up through the ranks. 

To make information as straightforward and accessible as possible we adopted an easy-to-use D-ring binder format for the employee folder. We also gave it clear section dividers and used single colour type on self-coloured stocks. We then commissioned Will Edmonds of the Nous Vous Collective to produce hundreds of distinctive hand-drawn illustrations, which we scattered throughout the materials, including a handy back-pocket training guide.

  • Binder
  • Contents
  • Educate
  • Fashion
  • Inform
  • Pounds
  • Friendly
  • Illustration
  • Pages
  • Print
  • Words
  • Retail
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