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Design Business Association
Design Effectiveness Awards 2014

The DBA promotes a healthy relationship between design and business. So, unlike other design awards, the DBA’s Design Effectiveness Awards focus on how well design increases brand awareness, profit and growth. For a second year in succession, we were asked to capture the spirit of these awards with a distinctive visual identity. 

We took a typographical approach inspired by the dynamic between business and design, using two contrasting typefaces to deliver our messages. The visual identity was applied to print adverts, HTML emails, tickets, menus as well as a prestigious winners book, which we used as an opportunity to reveal a new DBA 25th Anniversary logo, which we also designed.

  • Awards
  • Bright
  • Centred
  • Black
  • Detail
  • Events
  • Brochure
  • Foiling
  • Packaging
  • Print
  • Show
  • Winners
  • Bound
  • White
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