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Gunpowder Proof Gin

Leo Crabtree asked us to develop designs for market research for his new premium gin brand, Beaufort. This is a high end product and one of the strongest gins produced in the UK - also known as ‘gunpowder proof gin’. With the gun cartridge in mind, we created a dark red metal foil wrap at the neck of the bottle to emulate a classic shotgun cartridge.

The X route we designed was big and bold - like the gin itself. Elegant yet masculine, it has exceptional and immediately recognisable standout on shelf. The striking red X takes tonal cues from the foil wrap. 

The Smoke route followed the gunpowder route in a more abstract way, with a screen print of the smoke left behind once a gun is fired. The power of this simple yet intriguing visual is amplified by simple, unobstructive typography.

  • Brand
  • Detail
  • Grey
  • Cheerful
  • Drink
  • Mix
  • Packaging
  • Power
  • Retail
  • Typography
  • Straight
  • Strong
  • Tested
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