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British Council
Surge for Growth

Surge for Growth had made a difference to thousands of people’s lives in Jordan’s refugee camps. In partnership with UNICEF and The Ministry of Education in Jordan, it taught new skills to English language teachers, which helped them make their classes more engaging and inspiring for children. To continue their great work, they needed to generate further funding, so they asked us to create a pack promoting the project’s many achievements. 

Working with disparate photography of hugely varying quality, we created a fold-out wallchart based around a map. Taking its inspiration from classroom teaching aids, it combined handwritten and British Council branded text to show the spirit of collaboration that had been key to the project’s success.

  • Big
  • Compass
  • Educate
  • Folded
  • Facts
  • Inform
  • Images
  • Formats
  • Landscape
  • Impact
  • Map
  • Numbers
  • Figures
  • Print
  • Poster
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