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St George’s Crypt
Annual Report and 6 Accounts

St George’s Crypt is a Christian charity that offers help and support to homeless and disadvantaged people in the Leeds area. This hugely impactful annual report highlighted the links between homelessness and alcoholism by focusing on personal ‘Accounts’ by 6 of the Crypt’s clients. 

The large format document presented portraits by John Angerson at life-size, alongside startling stories of their lives and problems. The report won ‘Best of Show’ at the Design Week Awards 2010 ahead of projects for Apple iPod Nano and Royal Mail stamps. This was quite an achievement. As Independent Writer and Broadcaster Adrian Shaughnessy said, “There is a widely-held view that no printed item could ever scoop top prize in one of the major design competitions… After all, print is dead, isn’t it? Well, not quite. (St George’s Crypt) has done the unthinkable and won Best in Show at the Design Week Awards.”

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